Configuration Parameters

Portal configuration parameters are specified in config.json file located at the top level of your application directory. You can define two additional files: config.production.json and config.development.json. The config.development.json file will be merged with config.json to create the final configuration settings in the development mode. When you create a production distribution, singlepage-js merges config.json with config.production.json and puts it in the dist directory. The list of common configuration settings and server-side configuration settings is given in the tables below.

Common Configuration Parameters

Name Default Value Description
LOCALE en-US Lowercased 2-letter locale identifier, optionally including 2-letter dialect (e.g. US)
CDN_URL /sp-files Set it to CDN URL when the client files are delivered over a CDN or another server
SERVICE_URL null Set it to singlepage-js server URL. Only needed if client files are delivered by another server or CDN
IS_MULTI_SITE false Currently unsupported
IS_MULTI_USER true Login button is displayed on top if this flag is set to true. If this is false, the app developer can log in by visiting <app-url>/#/login page
IS_SELF_REGISTRATION_ALLOWED false Currently unsupported
PASSWORD_REGEX /^(?=.[a-z])(?=.[A-Z])(?=.[0-9])(?=.[!@#$%^&*])(?=.{8,})/ Regex the password must comply with.
LOGIN_PREREQS ['tou_check'] Currently unsupported

Server Configuration Parameters

Please note that we only list the system configuration parameters along with built-in services. Application-specific services may introduce additional configuration parameters which should be documented by the service provider.

Name Default Value Description
SITE_TITLE SinglePage.js HTML page title for your site (title tag in HTML)
SITE_DESCR Web site built using SinglePage.js description meta-tag in the index.html
SITE_KEYWORDS SinglePage.js , Vue.js keywords meta-tag in index.html
SITE_AUTHOR Padmanabh Dabke author meta-tag in index.html
EMAIL_LOGO_URL /images/app_logo.png Logo URL in the email template. You can either specify an absolute URL or a URI relative to CDN_URL.
PERISHABLE_CACHE_MAX_SIZE 500 Maximum cache size for the cache that stores items that expire after short time
PERISHABLE_CACHE_MAX_AGE 300000 Age of perishable cache items in seconds
REMEMBER_ME_SESSION_TIMEOUT 2592000 Longer session timeout, defined in seconds, in "Remember Me" login mode
SESSION_TIMEOUT 3600 Session timeout in seconds
LAST_ACCESS_REFRESH_INTERVAL 60 Period in seconds for updating last access time and evaluating session timeouts
SESSION_COOKIE_NAME sksession Session cookie name