Singlepage.js is a pure Javascript portal platform for building modular Web applications. The platform is composed of three components:

  • CLI for bootstrapping, developing, and deploying applications
  • UI composition framework for constructing Web applications from Vue.js components
  • Web services framework for developing backend services

Singlepage CLI

  • Create minimal or full app boilerplate
  • Development support via "singlepage serve" that serves from memory and uses livereload for hot reloads
  • Build app distribution for deployment

Application Composition Framework

  • Interactive creation of Web application via drag-n-drop of Vue.js components
  • Component customization via auto-generated property editor
  • Support for custom component commands and property editor
  • Look & feel customization via CSS files and component window style overrides
  • Built-in page grid layouts with the ability to define your own
  • Internationalization via global message file as well as embedded component-specific messages

Web Services Framework

  • Service communication via HTTP/JSON
  • Support for developing and adding application-specific services
  • Role based access control
  • Default implmentation of core services