Application Development

singlepage-js offers a serve command that starts a Web server and builds your application in memory and serves it. The serve mode watches your component and services files as well as HTML/CSS source and reloads browser after compiling changed files.

$ singlepage serve --help
Usage: serve [options]

  -p, --port <port>          HTTP port
  -P, --https-port <port>    HTTPS port
  -c, --cert <cert-file>     HTTPS cert file
  -k, --key <key-file>       HTTPS key file
  -a, --app-base <app-base>  Appliction root directory.
  -h, --help                 output usage information

$ cd myapp

$ singlepage serve
Building app components...
Running in watch mode
Registered /projects/myapp/server/services/EchoService.js as EchoService
Starting http server on port 8080

Developing an application on singlepage-js consists of the following major tasks:

  • Customizing application look & feel
  • Developing Web services
  • Developing Vue.js components Details of each of these areas of development are explained in the next few sections of the documentation.