Site Configuration

Some times it is useful to deploy an application on multiple Web sites and parametrize it to modify its behavior. As an example, the singlepage-js resume demo app displays the name of the person in the mobile view. This name is embedded in App.vue file as shown in the listing below.

        <span class="d-block d-md-none">
          {{ $ && $ && $ ? 
              $ : 'Smita Patil'}}

The resume app uses a site configuration parameter named name which can be set differently on each instance of the deployed app. singlepage-js provides a form for setting site-specific configuration properties. You can access the form by switching on edit mode after you log in with SUPERADMIN role. Click on Edit Site Metadata option on the top right dropdown menu to open the form.

Site configuration form

The Site Metadata form allows you to define up to 5 site configuration parameters. In the example shown in the snapshot above, it defines one parameter called name with it's value set to John Doe.